Item collection 2860105 original

Wire Wrapped Black Onyx & Sterling Silver Almond Shape Hoops, Gemstone Earrings, Bridesmaids Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, GlitterRT


Item collection 2866122 original

Peridot Trapeeze Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Earrings, Wirework, AA Qaulity Gemstones, Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaids Gift, Bridal Jewelry


Item collection 2859915 original

Palest Yellow Chalcedony, Wire Wrapped in a Gold Fill Wirework Heart Frame, Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaids Necklace, Handmade, GlitterRT


Item collection 2859930 original

Beautiful Pink Amethyst Earrings on Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Earwires, Gemstone Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaids Earrings, Bridal Jewelry


Item collection 2859960 original

Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Dangly Hoops, Beaded Earrings, Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaids Earrings


Item collection 2859965 original

Mixed Metal Jewelry, Sterling Silver & Gold Filled, Black Onyx Wire Wrapped Earrings, Wire Wrap Earrings, Mixed Metal Earrings


Item collection 2859975 original

Sterling Silver Spiral Wirework Pendant on Chain FREE UK POSTAGE


Item collection 2859990 original

Rainbow Fluorite & Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace, Gemstone Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, Bridal Necklace, Bridesmaids Jewelry


Item collection 2860005 original

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant with Lemon Quartz, Amethyst & Rock Crystal, AAA Quality Gemstones, Micro Faceted, Intricate Wirework



Welcome and thank you for stopping by at GlitterRT! April 2014: I am in the process of setting the shop up, listing lots of new pieces etc. So do please keep your eye on us!
I also have a Bespoke service which you may like to take advantage of if you have something special in mind! I love doing custom orders of all sorts, especially for weddings, so I'd love to hear from you!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you, Carolynne. xxx